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        Tips for distinguishing true from false SKF bearings

        <p>There are many SKF fake goods on the market today. Here are some ways to distinguish the true and false of SKF bearings:</p><p>1. First of all, look at the outer packing box of bearings. The general packing box is white letters, blue background and red strips under it. But in the past two years, there are flower boxes with several SKF trademarks.</p><p>2. Look at the production date of the bearing. If you open the packing box of the bearing from the side, there is the production date and date code on the box.</p><p>3. Bearings produced after 2000 have bar codes on their packing boxes.</p><p>4. Look at the bearing models, bearing models have suffix letters A, B, C, D, E and so on. These letters represent different years of production.</p><p>5. Note the SKF font on the trademark. S is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom. K and F have pits on the left vertical drawing.</p><p>6. Look at the steel stamp. The letters of SKF bearing indicating the type and origin are pickling and laser processing. It is smooth when touched by hand, and the typeface of false bearing is usually engraved on it.</p><p>7. Look at the origin, the origin of ball bearings: Malaysia, Italy, France, the United States (American bearings are generally used only in the United States); short cylindrical bearings origin: Germany; angular contact bearings origin: Austria; spherical roller bearings origin: Malaysia (generally small 2315, 2316, 2318), Sweden (large size) Germany (large size); origin of needle roller bearings: Germany.</p><p>8. After the bearing is unpacked, the big bearings are usually sealed plastic bags and the small bearings are plastic wrapping paper. There is a layer of grease on the bearing. The real bearing has a bright appearance and is free from rust and pitting.</p><p><br/></p>
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