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        Principles of Bearing Selection and Application

        <p>Bearing configuration includes not only rolling bearings, but also bearing-related components such as shafts and bearing seats. Lubricants are also a very important part of bearing configuration, because lubricants should be anti-wear and anti-corrosion, so that bearings can play a full role. In addition, seals are also a very important part, and the performance of seals is very important to the cleaning of lubricants. Keeping clean has a far-reaching impact on the service life of bearings.</p><p>In order to design the configuration of rolling bearings, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of bearings and determine the appropriate bearing size, but this is not enough. Other aspects should also be considered:</p><p>1. Appropriate forms of other components in bearing configuration.</p><p>2. Correct fit and bearing internal clearance or preload and design.</p><p>3. Fixed device.</p><p>4. Proper seals.</p><p>5. Types and dosages of lubricants, installation and removal methods, etc.</p><p>Each individual decision will affect the performance, reliability and economy of the bearing configuration.</p><p>The amount of work required depends on the availability of similar bearing selection experience. More work, such as more accurate calculations and/or tests, is required in the case of inexperience, special requirements, or special consideration of the cost of bearing configuration and any other subsequent shape.</p><p><br/></p>
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