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        SKF Leader Comes to Foshan Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Bearing Co., Ltd. for Guidance

        <p>On August 14, Mr. Tang Yurong, President of SKF Group in China, took the lead of Vice President Dai Xiaobo, Technical Director Wu Fangji and Senior Manager Wu Meifang of SKF China Sales Company to visit Foshan Zhengda Mechanical and Electrical Bearing Co., Ltd. President Wang Zhenghu, General Manager Shi Hao of Bearing Company and Vice President Ouyang Gui&#39;an received President Tang and other distinguished guests warmly.</p><p>President Tang&#39;s delegation first visited Zhengda Group and Zero One Industrial Technology Company, and then listened to the work report in the conference room of Zhengda Bearing Company.</p><p>General Representative Shi has made a detailed report on business transformation and market development since 2016. Since the last General Tang Inspection, the company&#39;s business has increased by more than 50% annually. It has made gratifying progress in improving engineering service capacity, post-market and rail transit industry, and has become a Class A distributor in China for two consecutive years.</p><p>President Tang and General Dai put forward valuable opinions on the future development trend of SKF Company and how distributors can win the market in the future, focusing on innovative development in the cement, paper, rail transit and machine tools markets, which will inevitably become an important direction for Bearing Companies in the future.</p><p><br/></p>
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