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        SKF Solution Express Customer Daily-Zhengda Bearing

        <p>On January 23, Foshan Zhengda Bearing Company once again organized a SKF Solution Express Customer Day in Guangdong Zengyi Science Park. More than 50 customers from all walks of life of Zhengda Bearing Company were invited to attend the event.</p><p>SKF Solution Express is equipped with SKF solutions for typical products, technologies and services in different industries, equipped with the most modern multimedia facilities and special training. This activity is carried out in the form of lectures on solution express train and on-site drills. SKF technicians give comprehensive technical explanations and on-site drills on bearing conventional failure case analysis, bearing installation and maintenance, sealing solutions and condition monitoring, which make SKF image in the eyes of customers. Ingrained. From SKF products, services and the latest solutions, all-round, close communication and communication with customers.</p><p>This activity has finally achieved a complete success. Customers have harvested SKF&#39;s experience and knowledge in the field of bearings for 100 years. SKF and its distributors took this opportunity to show more customers&#39;ability to solve problems. The participating customers appreciated the event held by Foshan Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Bearing Co., Ltd. and laid a solid foundation for deeper cooperation.</p><p><br/></p><p style="white-space: normal;line-height: 27px"><img src="http://web.zhengda.win8.wantsun.com.cn:888/UserFiles/dbpictures/2010/01/fsskf.com//images/1516698838845216.png" width="680" height="509" alt=""/></p><p style="white-space: normal;line-height: 27px"><img src="http://web.zhengda.win8.wantsun.com.cn:888/UserFiles/dbpictures/2010/01/fsskf.com//images/1516698869534144.png" width="680" height="507" alt=""/></p><p style="white-space: normal;line-height: 27px"><img src="http://web.zhengda.win8.wantsun.com.cn:888/UserFiles/dbpictures/2010/01/fsskf.com//images/1516698897073589.png" width="680" height="509" alt=""/></p><p><br/></p><p>Zhengda Bearing Company</p><p><br/></p>
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