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        One-day Tour to Nanhai Bay Forest Eco-Park

        <p>On January 20, Zhengda Bearing Company organized an outdoor family parent-child tour. Everyone visited the &quot;Xiaojiuzhaigou&quot; eco-tourism area called &quot;Nanhai Bay Forest Eco-Park&quot;.</p><p>In the scenic spot of Nanhai Bay Forest Ecology Park, children are immersed in the beautiful scenery and enjoy close contact with nature. Mountaineering exercises exercise children&#39;s excellent moral character of unity, cooperation and joint efforts; it also exercises the will and physique of employees, feels the natural breath of the countryside, relaxes the mood, and strengthens the team spirit of employees.</p><p>Outdoor mountain climbing activities urge every employee to have a belief, responsibility, responsibility, a team, a strength, will be full of passion applied to daily work, expand free thinking, so that their work can be innovative, breakthroughs, achievements, I believe in the future work of employees will be more. Enriching the enthusiasm of the work into their own positions, to contribute to the vigorous development of the company&#39;s own strength!</p><p><img src="http://web.zhengda.win8.wantsun.com.cn:888/UserFiles/dbpictures/2010/01/fsskf.com//images/1516697738112187.jpg" width="680" height="510" alt=""/></p><p><br/></p><p>Zhengda bearing</p><p>Chen Jie Ping</p><p><br/></p>
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