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        Together for a win-win future

        <p>In 2017, Xixun came from SKF. Foshan Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Bearing Co., Ltd. was upgraded to Grade A distributor of Skyfu (China) Sales Co., Ltd. and became one of the best distributors in more than 140 SKF distributors in China.</p><p>Since 2006, our company has become a strategic partner of SKF. With the efforts of Zhengda Bearing People, the long-term support of SKF Giant and the long-term support of Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Group Company, our SKF brand business has rushed out of Foshan to all parts of the country. In 2018, our company and SKF will cooperate more comprehensively and thoroughly to provide more comprehensive services for the customers of big bearing companies.</p><p><br/></p>
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