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        Serve the heart

        <p>On January 21, 2009, Nanfang Co., Ltd. located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, suffered from noise failure of its main product nuclear power centrifugal fan. Through observation and guess, its technicians initially suspected that SKF bearings or axle shells sold by our company had functional problems. Upon receiving the news of the failure of the southern fan, our company leaders paid great attention to it and immediately communicated and consulted with the relevant leaders and technicians of SKF South China. After reaching an agreement, our company&#39;s General Manager Shihao, Ouyang Guian Assistant, Ruan Jiyong, and other relevant personnel, together with Yue Peng, Sales Director of SKF South China, and Chen Hefei, Engineer, etc. Wait, rush to Nanfang Co., Ltd. immediately, try to cooperate with each other for accident diagnosis and investigation. After careful and thorough analysis and inspection by SKF and our company, and on-site test with engineers of Southern Fan, the possibility of SKF bearing or axle shell problems was excluded. This trip not only provides due help for customers&#39;problems, but also confirms SKF&#39;s product reputation and positive and honest brand image.</p><p>It is worth mentioning that it was very late to receive the news from customers. SKF, our company&#39;s managers and technical engineers rushed to the scene regardless of the fatigue of the first time in a day&#39;s work. After solving the problem, it was evening. Some leaders and engineers did not attend to dinner, nor did they complain, which made the customers moved.</p><p>There is a saying in the business world that &quot;Customer is God&quot;, which has been widely spread and lasted for a long time, and the more it is said, the more vague it becomes. But for us Zhengda and SKF, it is not just a slogan that we talk about. It should be embodied in all places, all times and all occasions where enterprises deal with customers, always for customers, everywhere for customers, and sincerely from bit to bit. As an important distributor of SKF, our company has been adhering to the excellent service style and regards customers as parents of clothing and food. Once customers need it, they will rush to the place they need in time.</p><p>As long as every customer is treated with sincerity, care and concentration, the customer will feel it. Service comes from heart, diligence, as long as we do, why fear the current crisis? We will work hand in hand with our customers to create a better future.</p><p>(Human Resources Department)</p><p><br/></p>
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