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        Our company was invited to participate in the first "SKF Explorer Golf Team Director Cup" Invitational Competition

        <p><br/></p><p><img height="320" alt="" width="427" src="http://web.zhengda.win8.wantsun.com.cn:888/UserFiles/dbpictures/2010/01/fsskf.com//images/1264391067062935.jpg"/></p><p>Figure: President of SKF Asia-Pacific Zhuangmeiji (right 3), President Wang Zhenghu of Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Group (left 3), General Manager of Linwich of SKF China Limited (right 2), Sales Director of Yue Peng of SKF South China (left 2), General Manager Shi Hao of Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Bearing Co., Ltd (right 1), Feng of Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Bearing Co., Ltd. Qingchong Engineer (Left First)</p><p>From October 16 to 19, at the invitation of the Explorer Golf Team of SKF China Ltd., President Wang Zhenghu of the Group Company and General Manager Shi Hao of the Bearing Company attended the first SKF Explorer Golf Team Director&#39;s Cup Invitation Competition held at Qiandaohu Golf Club in Hangzhou and the celebration of the first anniversary of the team&#39;s establishment.</p><p>The main participants in the event were Mr. Zhuang Meiji, President of SKF Asia-Pacific, Mr. Linwich, General Manager of SKF China Limited, Mr. Yue Peng, General Manager of SKF South China Sales, and representatives of SKF authorized distribution units from all over the country. During the event, more than 100 people were invited to visit Thousand Island Lake. Interesting events such as lectures on new distributors&#39;service concept and on-site lottery draw. Through this event, President Wang, General Manager Shi and SKF leaders have in-depth communication and understanding. Both sides summarized the previous work, reached a consensus on further cooperation in business development in the future, and provided a platform for us to establish good partnerships with other distributors. It was also preliminarily decided that the next SKF Explorer Golf Club event would be held at Taoyuan Golf Course in Foshan, Guangdong, in late November or early December.</p><p>(Feng Qingchong)</p><p><br/></p>
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