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        Our company holds football friendship league with SKF Guangzhou

        <p><img height="289" alt="" width="386" src="http://web.zhengda.win8.wantsun.com.cn:888/UserFiles/dbpictures/2010/01/fsskf.com//images/1264389907343431.jpg"/></p><p>On the afternoon of December 23, although it was raining and blowing cold wind, we couldn&#39;t stop driving to the &quot;Grass Flying&quot; indoor football stadium in Yimeijia Ceramic City, Foshan to have a new football match. This is the first football friendship match held by bearing company with SKF partners in Guangzhou since SKF authorized distributors took over. At the beginning, our team members and SKF Guangzhou office had a memorable photo together. Everyone was full of confidence in the match. Under the kick-off of General Manager Shi Hao of Bearing Company, the two sides made several strong attacks, the atmosphere on the court was inspired, the audience was enthusiastic and applauded from time to time. Finally, we beat SKF Guangzhou 8:6 to win this competition. This competition not only enhanced our communication with SKF, but also made us have a deeper understanding of SKF, and also made the bearing company have a higher development in 2008, and strive for another leap.</p>
        POWER BY:WANTSUN ICP:10060102

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