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        Company Profiles

        Weifoshan Zhengda Mechanical and Electrical Bearing Co., Ltd. is one of the successful agents of bearing products. Our company mainly sells Swedish SKF bearings and seals and other products. As an authorized distributor of SKF, our company not only sells bearings and related products, but also provides you with pre-sale and after-sale services, including product selection, equipment condition monitoring, mechanical maintenance, machine tool spindle maintenance, motor maintenance, bearing maintenance and mechanic training. Such value-added services.

        Focusing on the long-term development of enterprises, focusing on the construction of corporate culture and personnel training, the company has now completed the stock reform of options and equity, and has continued to implement incentive policies such as options and equity for talents, striving to build a management team with good quality and continuous progress. Create the brand of big bearings and serve the old stores.

        Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Company Zhengda Company transformed the world's good marketing methods into the world's good management methods at the beginning of its establishment, and applied them to the company in light of China's actual situation. In 2002, the company carried out the joint-stock system reform with the focus on rights and future shares.

        So far, there are nearly 600 employees in Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Company and Holding Company, of which 20% are shareholders. More than 20 mechanical and electrical companies have been hatched, so that the backbone employees have their own business platform. In 2016, the sales volume of mechanical and electrical products was 1.2 billion yuan. Driving experts and large-scale operation have formed strategic partnerships in the process of cooperation among industrial brands Siemens, Skyfu, Atlas, Jiangsu Guomao, Jianghuai, Shandong Taifu, etc. and developed their own brands: Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Industry, Zero-One Industry, Zhengda Automation, Dasheng Automation, Shandong Taifu, etc. Zero one home ownership, etc. Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Company is subordinate to: Guangdong Zero-One Industrial Technology Company, Guangdong Zero-One Real Estate Company, Zhengda Investment Company, Zhengda Electrical and Mechanical Bearing Company, Youlifu Power Equipment Company and other subsidiaries. There are more than 30 branches and sales outlets all over the country. Main mechanical and electrical products are: high and low voltage motor, reducer, high and low voltage frequency converter, complete cabinet, automation system, motion control, low voltage control products and systems, PLC, touch screen, CNC products, sensors, communication products, low voltage distribution products, medium voltage circuit breakers, bearings, air compressors, project energy contract management. Intelligent building system integration equipment; provide office building, apartment and business services for employees, entrepreneurs and partners. Enterprises can not develop without the support of all sectors of society, participate in various social public welfare activities, and set up the next generation of training and public welfare fund, staff learning growth fund, a total donation of more than 6 million yuan. "Be a 100-year enterprise, create service brand"! In the new historical period, Zhengda will keep pace with the times, continuously introduce talents, improve management mechanism, seek development in a steady way, seek stability in development, serve the society, pursue first, and strive to become a "first-class integrated industrial products service provider"!

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